Music Research Guide: Evaluating & Citing Resources

Librarian-selected resources for students of music.

Building Bibliographies

Evaluating Sources

The CRAAP test was originally developed to help researchers evaluate web sources, but the criteria work equally well for both print and electronic materials:

The timeliness of the information.

The depth and importance of the information.

The source of the information.

The reliability of the information.

The possible bias present in the information.

For each item you have found, judge it using the above criteria. And ask yourself: Who wrote it? Does the author have any biases? What is the tone? Does the work cite other sources? How old is this material?

*the CRAAP test was developed at the Meriam Library at California State University Chico

Evaluating and Citing Your Sources

In all your classes, teachers will warn you not to plaigarize and tell you that it is important to use scholarly sources and cite them correctly --- but why? It isn't just to avoid getting in trouble! The videos on this page emphasize the advantages you have using the library resources instead of (or in addition to) Google, and why academic honesty matters.

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