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Welcome to The Library Research Process

This research guide is designed for undergraduates who are new to research. The tabs of this guide are devoted to the major phases of the research process:

  1. Reading the Assignment – understanding what your professor expects of you
  2. Developing a Topic – the reading, thinking and writing that are part of your research process
  3. Searching for Information – finding and accessing information from the web, the library and elsewhere
  4. Choosing Your Sources – determining what information is reliable and relevant to your topic
  5. Citing Sources – learning how to cite sources properly

Our research guide is informed by our understanding of the research process from our experience as librarians and from research that we have recently completed with students, faculty and librarians at five Illinois universities. On each tab in the guide you will find not only a description of one phase of the research process, but also information from our interviews that will help you anticipate when you might get stuck, and where to get help.

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