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Do you have my textbook?

Click on the link to get printable instructions. You will learn how to search for your textbooks at the library.

About this guide

This page is all about the library itself - who are librarians and how they can help you, how your academic library is organized (including a handout on how to read a book's call number to find it in the library's book stacks), and how your academic library is different from your public library. Check the other pages for more help on reading strategies, writing support, and math tips!

Who are librarians and what do they do?

In this video, you will learn what librarians do, and how they can help you in your academic work.

Length: 1:43 mins

What do librarians do video

Should I be using Google or the library resources?

In this video, you will learn what is especially valuable about library resources, versus what you can find for free on the internet.

Length: 1:40

Should I be using the library video

Your Library

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How to find a book by call number

Click on the link to get printable instructions. You will learn how to read call numbers so that you can find books and other materials in the library.

How is the library organized?

From this video, you will be able to describe how the NEIU library is organized and browse the collection to find books on a topic, and understand that you can get access to materials at other academic libraries.

Length: 1:38

How is the library organized video